How Will the New Google SERP Affect Your Chiropractic SEO?

by on March 18, 2016

SERPs, or Search Engine Results Pages are what come up whenever you use a search engine and type specific keywords in the search box. SERPs are made up of two things: organic results and paid results. Organic results are pages that appear because of a website’s specific algorithm. SEO companies, such as the one you use for your chiropractic SEO, specialize in optimizing web content to promote specific things to appear more often in the organic results. Paid results, in contrast to organic results, have been paid for by companies in order to be advertised. These are the ones that typically appear at the top of the SERP list, and have the ‘ad’ symbol next to it. And additionally, up until recently, were also displayed on side bars to the right of the SERP results.


The new Google SERP has completely eliminated sidebar ads, and have increased the number of paid results (up to four) that will be listed at the beginning of every SERP list. You may be wondering how this will affect your chiropractic SEO, now that the organic results are going to have less room in the initial part of the screen that is viewed. Well, all that you will need to focus on is your marketing strategy. As long as this is on point, your chiropractic SEO should remain perfectly in tact.


First things first, you must realize that the new layout actually appears a lot more natural looking without the side bar ads. Now that the only way to advertise is through the coveted paid results, this will likely drive up prices. More and more companies will be forced to pull out due to the price point, and shift gears to focus on their organic results. This will only make organic results more competitive, and increase the importance even more on your focus in this arena.

In order to compete in this new crazy Google SERP world, your SEO should focus on several things. Use data to identify what content is desirable, and provide more of it. People want to get the information they need when searching, not a bunch of excess material. In addition to this, make sure your contact is marked up with meta data and schema in order to draw in the most attention possible. Make your content as visually appealing as possible. Lastly, measure your results and make adjustments as necessary. Your chiropractic SEO can still be just as, if not more powerful than ever before with the new Google SERP by following this advice.