Top SEO Predictions for 2016

by on January 12, 2016

Now that the year has begun, it’s time to look at predictions for the year coming about. You’ll see what will happen in 2016 based off what happens in 2015, and what it means for you in the world of SEO web marketing.

The first is we will see a change that allows nonprofit universities to offer a degree in internet marketing, including SEO classes. Several universities have offered this, and the only little technicality is what is considered major. They have announced courses in 2015, so we can see the trend occurring in 2016 as well.


Then there will be Google continuing the trend of giving off instant answers to search results. However, the number of new interactive tools was a bit limited in 2015. They tried out new interfaces, but they are still working out the kinks in it.

Then there is the prediction that Google will have organic results with less than 70% CTR. For many years, it had been about 80-95% for organic ads, but now that google is becoming aggressive with the non-organic results, it might start to change it and inevitably silence the subject through its system. It’s not gloomy however, because it’s still growing and will continue to grow despite it all.

Then there is the factor that the growth rates in mobile start to taper. It doesn’t mean that we’ve reached the peak, but the numbers will start to fall. Most of the time however, the use of a desktop will not change, especially since many still use them.
Then there is my prediction that twitter will start to grow again. It’s been hard for twitter recently, but I think this year will allow the company to grow. Since the new CEOs have begun, I think that they will impact the growth and we’ll see once again their stock prices improving as well
Then there is the factor that social engines will start to become popular.

For example, Nuzzle which is a great app and website that is a great replacement for many content search engines. It allows you to have all of your links shared on twitter and Facebook put together, and you can see the content. There is also ProductHunt, which is a startup in the tech world that’s like Reddit for software and apps. You can look at the different site suggestions and see what will work based on daily emails. It’s a new way to have all of your social networks together to see the popularity of it, referral traffic, and even the active users which makes it even better to use.

Amazon  market place would expand more and here there will be a trend to rank products in Amazon search results. You can expect more and more looking into Amazon SEO as well.

Finally, there is the death of normal distributions will hit the publishing and search engines, and it will do so hard. I think we’re moving away from normal distributions and it creates demand curves as well. The long-tail theory has been proven false, and it will create a significant impact in the world in the future.
These are the major predictions, all we have to see is what will come about with them in the future.