Ford Alludes to Possible Drones and Self-Driving Cars

by on January 8, 2016

On Tuesday morning, Ford recently talked about possibly having automaton coming to vehicles. Google didn’t seem to mention it, but that doesn’t mean that it’s not possible. However, Ford has recently started pushing on this, and Ford plans to triple their autonomous vehicles and have a new-generation sensor technology to help move the development forward. The company is also looking to connect with some other companies such as Amazon and DJI.


The recent news of autonomous vehicles has been mostly speculation recently, but Ford’s Chief Technology officer is starting to look at tripling the number of Fashion Hybrid autonomous research vehicles, making Ford with the largest fleet out there. The new vehicles will have Velodyne’s new Solid State Hybrid Ultra puck, which is basically a senor that gives you information and detailed mapping with real-time 3D models of the area around your car.


Right now, there are thirty of these cards that are being tested on roads in Arizona, California, and Michigan. With more of these out on the market, there are now new software development algorithms that can even make the vehicles even smarter. Ford’s CEO hinted as well at the press conference about this, and he also mentioned other companies that are working with them, but there is no mention of google.


In terms of partnership, Ford is looking to possibly work mainly with Amazon, because with Alexa they could change things around immensely. Alexa is the voice assistant for Amazon Echo, and it’s looking to connect the sync 3 system with the Wi-Fi connected echo, which means you can control smart home devices from your car, and even vice-versa. With the integration, you can use the Echo to lock or unlock your car, or even start and stop your car from the comfort of your own home, and in addition it can also check the range or charge of an electric vehicle, along with fuel levels, mileage, and even the location with the street name and driving time to get home.


On the flip side of this as well, while you’re in your car, you can use Alexa to do things at home before you get there, such as maybe turn on the front porch lights or even open the doors and the garage door. You will also have to put in smart bulbs and a smart garage door opener, but think about it this way: if you have all of this put in, you can control it in a sort of hub fashion. It also can be linked with Alexa to allow you to check the weather, add items to a list, or even change the music.

With all of these new things, it’s obvious that Ford is now more than just a car maker. Beginning this year, they have start to work on being an auto and mobility company, and with this new, interesting move, it could also possibly hint at some of the new developments other automakers will create as well this year.