Things You Should Know About Google Penguin 4.0

by on December 17, 2015

According to the resources and intelligent intuitions by the analysts, Google is more likely to release its Penguin 4.0 update any time soon. While this news can bring happiness for the SEO people who like to stick with the legitimate SEO practices, it is also like a time bomb for the SEO people who like to get quick traffic through black-hat techniques.

We all know that every Penguin update comes with an aim to support high quality link-building and to combat the spam tactics. For instance, last Google Penguin update was released in 2014 and it immediately cased huge disturbance in the digital world. Sites that didn’t abide legitimate SEO rules lost their ranks in no time and were lost from SERPs. Some of the websites even received notifications for manual actions.

This trend of countering spam and removing websites, which followed bad SEO practices, was started a few years back. Due to that, the way search results are shown was changed to great extent. It brought a lot of positives in perspectives of quality and credibility. This was due to the fact that good SEO practices were appreciated and black-hat SEO was disparaged in the Penguin Algorithms.

Google Update

Penguin 4.0 update is a great enhancement of Google’s spam combating abilities. This update is being analytically assumed as real time update of Google’s algorithms. Real time update means that Penguin’s algorithm will consistently keep on updating, minimizing the remaining chances for spammers to go ahead with their link bombardments. This update is being welcomed by the online community because there is still a major spamming activity going on the web and 4.0 update is expected to show the necessary force to stop this activity. Here, it is worth mentioning that Google claims with every update that it is going to stop bad SEO practices but facts remain otherwise. Nevertheless, this update will make the chances of success for black-hat techniques pretty thin.

Hopefully the new update will help Google to track down spam link profiles and block them once and for all. This is not only bad for the bad practitioners but it will automatically rank up the websites that follow good quality SEO strategies.